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Bio-Mass Harvesting

Bio-Mass Harvesting

Bio-Mass Harvesting

There has been a buzz in the industry over the past few years about biomass and every indication shows that there is no slow down in the growth expected in this segment. With the push from government and the private sector for a clean renewable fuel source there are many outlets for woody biomass that were not available in the past. Woody biomass is used in many different forms such as wood pellets, ethanol, bio-diesel, wood chips for heating schools and universities, and as the fuel source for co-gen plants. There are many methods to harvest and process this material that previously could not be gathered due to the high cost in certain applications. Slash piles left in the woods and small diameter material are great sources of biomass.

Slash Piles

Slash piles are left behind from cut to length logging operations, a chipper forwarder is the ideal machine to collect, process, and harvest this material. Due to the high production rates and versatile terrain these chipper forwarders can navigate, they have been found to have many uses. Chipper units can be designed for mounting on four or six wheel log forwarder. These chippers can quickly collect material, with a collection wagon, that previously could not be brought to a stationary chipper in an economical way. With the ease of movement, high production, and ability to chip over an open top chip van we have found that it also fits well on a log landing as a stationary chipper. With the high mobility these chipper forwarders can also be used for land clearing, right of way and pipeline work, roadside tree trimming, and storm clean up.

Small Diameter Material

It has long been a problem for contractors on how to collect small diameter material for woody biomass, in an efficient way. A bio-harvesting attachment can clear, chip and collect small diameter biomass in a way that has never been accomplished. This opens up a whole new stream of available biomass that was not previously utilized. These bio-harvesting attachments will collect material for biomass at the same time that it is improving the land to remove invasive species, reduce wild fire hazard, clearing for right of way or pipeline work, or being used on a land clearing project.


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