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Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat

Whether you are a nonprofit conservation organization, government agency, hunt club, or a private land owner; there is an increasing interest in maintaining habitats for pheasants, doves, elk, deer and various other animals. Maintaining an animal habitat encompasses several different aspects; food, water, shelter, and space; and there are many products that can help you reclaim and maintain your wildlife habitats for these animals.  

All animals need food. Elk, deer, pheasants and doves all require grasses and/or grains in order to survive, however many areas where these food sources have grown in the past have become overgrown with underbrush, shading the ground and preventing grasses from flourishing. This is where the forestry mulchers and forestry mowers can help. Forestry mulchers and forestry mowers are great tools for removing underbrush and invasive species such as, buckthorn and multiflora rose; allowing sunlight into the understory and the rejuvenation of grasses and other food sources.

Water is another critical element for wildlife survival. Water sources can be obstructed from access or become stagnant due to tree and understory growth. Tree growth in waterways can restrict water flow and in turn affect water supply for wildlife habitats. Excavator mulchers and tree Shears are excellent at removing trees and underbrush from waterways, allowing animals access to the water source. Mounting these attachments on an excavator allows you to reach into the waterway, creating minimal ground and habitat disturbance while removing the unwanted vegetation.

Finally shelter and space are required by all wildlife; elk, deer, pheasant, and doves all require certain criteria for shelter, breeding, escaping the summer heat, and protecting themselves from the cold temperatures of winter. For example: Pheasants require clump forming grasses and cat tails for breeding and protection during the winter months. Invasion of underbrush can force out the grasses required by these birds for breeding; just as invasive willows can restrict the growth of cat tails required for the bird’s protection during the cold winter months. Once again removal of these invasive species can be accomplished with a number of products. Large trees in fence lines can also pose a threat to the pheasant, allowing places for hawks and other predators to perch and ambush the birds. Removal of these larger trees can be accomplished with a Tree shear.

Creating and maintaining a wildlife habitat can seem like a daunting task, but there are many products that can make it easier to preserve the water, food, shelter and space requirements of these delicate habitats.

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