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Geothermal Drilling

Geothermal Ground Loop Drilling

Fecon products are uniquely suited to residential and small commercial geothermal drilling.



Fecon manufactures a drill rig and support trailer that is uniquely suited for residential and small commercial geothermal ground loop drilling applications. For operators offering geothermal heating and cooling installations as a way to provide a renewable energy source, having an efficient means of drilling ground loops in the right spot with minimal disturbance is essential. It all comes down to cost-effective installation of geothermal energy systems.


Accessing the Site

Drilling ground loops for geothermal heating systems on properties with existing structures can be a challenge. The GL300 can counter-rotate and the operator has great visibility to move the drill into areas not accessible to traditional drill rigs. Traditional drill rigs mounted on trucks can be very large with poor maneuverability. To gain access where drilling must take place, fences may need to be removed and re-installed, or mature trees may need to be cut down. In some cases a truck or steel-track mounted drill may not be able access the desired work area at all.


Drilling the Hole

Geothermal ground loops for residential and small commercial heating and cooling systems often require a series of holes with depths between 120’-200’, and on occasion 300’. Think of crew efficiency by having 210’ of depth capacity as well as auger, air hammer, and selective wet drilling options at the location of the holes. No running air lines from an air compressor located at the street, and little or no carrying additional drill rod from the truck. If holes become unstable or if rock is in the way the crew just keeps going. In addition, there are times when holes present difficult challenges, regardless of

what drill is being used. The GL300 is so mobile and quick to set up, if a hole is partially drilled, and determined not viable, the crew may pull out and relocate the drill to put another hole just 15’ away in better conditions. That ability is difficult for a large trailer or truck mounted drill, so instead, they spend more hours on the job and apply more resources to force a solution that comes with greater cost and time.


Installing Geothermal Ground Loops

For installation of geothermal ground loops on properties with existing structures or landscaping, the low impact rubber tracks provide great benefit as well. Unloading and loading time is minimized since the machine can drive onto paved surfaces or the front lawn. Where truck-mounted or steel track drill rigs would likely rip up the grass and landscape, adding cost for repairs to the job, the rubber tracked GL300 softly walks across the lawn. In extremely soft, wet conditions, the GL300 may leave an impression, but any lawn repairs would be minimal in comparison to alternative machines.