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Customer Testimonials

Customers provide rave reviews for the Fecon Bull Hog® - we'll let our customers tell you how Fecon's products helped their project - big or small!

On the Bull Hog®

“It was heavily infested with honeysuckle and other invasives – which had to be cleared by hand...The project took 260 man-hours for the clearing and there still were brush piles to dispose of (typically accomplished by running the brush through a chipper)...With the Bull Hog®, we can do that same 3-acre tract in about three days or 24 man-hours...That includes the mulching of the brush, so there is not added time or cost.”

“We can even grind stumps to ground level, or below…”
--- State Park Complex Manager

“…the Bull Hog® head is a workhorse”.” We shredded up the dead and choked trees”.

“The masticating head does really well close to structure. It shreds the trees and brush and discharges the debris towards the ground”.

“We worked in the wintertime in a bout 3 feet of snow. Even with the cold, ice and snowy conditions, we didn’t have any problems with the equipment…”
--- Western Business Owner on for Government Fire Fuels Project

“They want to make trails without taking much down-everyone want to save a tree…”.

“With the Bull Hog® we can do that work efficiently. We get around the big oak trees but not destroy anything that you do not want to”.
--- Tree Care Company, Owner & Operator

“It is much more cost effective for us to handle the trees and slash on site versus removing the trees by hand, picking them up with grapple skidders and piling them into brush which would still need to be removed, burned , or chipped...By using the Bull Hog®, we are able to keep our costs down”.

“Instead of using that labor intensive method we can now mulch it and be done with it”.

“Because we have to stay within the property lines and we don’t have a lot of room to work, masticating the trees and brush instead of dozing or using a trackhoe.

“I have operated a couple of other heads but the Fecon handles the larger trees the best because it can chew right though the tree with no problems. The BH120 head can handle a larger tree just like the BH350 head. It just takes longer to chew it up mostly because of the difference in horsepower.”

“About the only thing we have found that can break a Bull Hog’s® teeth are some of these old pipes.”

“The greatest advantages to using a masticating machine versus a dozer or trackhoe is that there is no debris removal, no large piles of trees and dirt and the soil structure isn’t disturbed....The other benefit to grinding up the trees and incorporating the mulch into the surface layer of earth is that we are able to put the nutrients right back into the soil”.
--- Owner, Vegetation Management and Reforestation Company

On the SH700 Stump Grinder

“When I started running my Fecon, I started making money from my machine”.

“I’d own 100 Fecon’s. This stumper allows us to grind slopes, creek beds and hard-to-reach areas that other stumpers just can’t get to without destroying the landscape.”
--- Customer, 20 years experience in Tree Service Business

On the Tree Shear

“Both (shear & saw) will handle the same diameter materials – about 16 inches- but the shear gives us more control, since we’re still holding onto the tree after it has been sheared.”
--- Tree Company Owner in the Midwest

Doing Work In Arizona…

“In those areas, depending on the density, I am seeing between 20-50 acres a day that I am able to clear FECON Bull Hog head in eight machine hours for an operational day. Chainsaw and chop/lop /scatter is labor intense and can’t do the acreage that the FECON can.

“This head has paid for itself without a doubt.”

Oregon Customer

“We’ve been in blackberries so thick you can’t see daylight. I was in one thicket that was so thick that I couldn’t see because it was so dark – in the middle of the day – so I just turned on the lights, put the head down and went to work”

“I was very impressed. One time I could tell that I hit something hard and there was a 10 ft. cedar tree - other than huge things, you can put that cutter head down and slowly move over the area and there is hardly anything that you can’t do”

Florida Customer

“I had 100 acres of my own that was badly overgrown, and I was looking for something that could work on my own property with. I spent three months clearing that and the results were dramatic. It was in a high traffic area and people would stop and ask me what I was using and whether I could use it on their property.”

“We can go into a heavily forested property and leave it heavily forested but remove the underbrush. We normally grind everything except the trees….. “We leave them with a carpet of mulch.”

New Mexico Customer

“You can’t tell a piece of machinery has been there.” “You don’t know what was there before they started working. There are no stumps, it is pretty amazing.”

“We run two excavators with FECON heads on them…we work on extremely steep slopes with our equipment. We’ll work until 50% slope. Most of the trees are between 10-12 inch diameter.” “The results are great. The Fecon Bull Hog is very conducive to nutrient recycling.”

Watershed Work

“After we used the Fecon heads to do the work, the erosion rate went down to a half ton per acre. The agency was extremely pleased and with the Fecon Bull Hog treatment and other agencies are looking at using the Fecon for their watersheds.”

Fire Comments

“We work in harsh conditions and equipment reliability is a major concern for us, we haven’t had to do a thing to the Fecon heads but grease them. We’ve had nothing ever go wrong with the Fecon head which is really important when your working in the remote regions of the forest.”

Opening Fire Access Roads

“These roads were closed for 20 years.” “There were 15-20 foot tall trees and brush intermingled thick enough that you could hardly walk through it. With my excavator trying to cover all of that was slow going since the cutting head is only 31” wide.”

“We could have been there a month with just the excavator instead, it took us 4 days or so with the Bull Hog (on a ASV).”

Upper South Platte

“When reducing fuel loading, we would pass over the tree once moving forward and then once again in reverse. And, because of the way the Fecon head is made- it uses less horsepower to drag the head backwards which saves us money in fuel cost.”

“We are easily able to keep our slash depth at two to four inches, well below the US Forest specs of six.”

Municipality Comments

I was told “don’t make the same mistake that we made”… and suggested that I buy a Bull Hog instead. “These teeth work whenever the machine the machine is.” “Maintenance downtime has been almost zero… FECON is in Ohio so parts are within a day if needed.”

“With Fecon we’re doing an acre a day”

South Carolina Customer Comments on Swing Tools vs. Fixed Tools

"Swinging hammers are for children – that’s what they use on a golf course to mow. Now we had those with other heads on them – that was an unmitigated disaster. … those things shed parts – you’d walk across an area they’d ground – over the course of a week they’d loose a show a door a cover, bolts. They just can’t take grinding day in day out like we do."

Colorado Customer Comments on his Bull Hog® Excavator Model

"We change teeth probably every 400 to 600 hours – we may run them longer depending upon the material that we’re in. Fecon says their average is 300 – 500 hours. When we were doing willows we were getting 800 hours on them. Machine is versatile enough to do whatever we need it to do."

Tennessee Contractor Comments On The Time Saved By Using A Bull Hog®

"We actually thought it was gonna take us four months...we finished at least a month ahead of schedule with that work – even though we had had a really wet winter – we were still able to work a good bit of that time with that machine."

Customer Compares 2 flail hammer machines versus 1 Fecon-equipped machine...

"We leased 2 machines and they put three machines out here and had a mechanic out here for a good part of the time trying to keep two machines running for us. Part of that was the carrier – but most was the heads and the problems they were having with balance, and vibration, and rods breaking – it was awful. Every night we would have an hour and a half of resurfacing of the hammers because of the wear – so we were spending quite a bit of time in maintenance – that was not productive. At the end of an 8-week period, we looked back on the production – the amount of time that we were actually running the flail hammers versus the Fecon, we were getting twice the production out of our Tiger Cat with the Fecon head on them."

South Dakota Customer Comments On The New FTX Track Carrier

"Used it [FTX] on power line clearing – a little over 9 miles long and 60 feet wide – primarily ponderosa pine – some sensitive private ground involved in that row – job was estimated to be a 30 day project with a 3-person crew and heavy equipment, one person completed the project with an FTX in 17 days."

Customer Comments On Bull Hogs® Productivity

I don’t have to haul in three pieces of equipment – I can just (drop off a Fecon and) have him go for it – at the end of the day he might have 2 acres done. Biggest thing is that I can have one man rather than a whole crew."