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Fecon’s®  RTC22 is a purpose built mobile chipping system like no other. This dedicated carrier is specifically designed for chipper weight, center of gravity, and serviceability. The high mobility of the RTC22 is welcomed on remote jobsites that could be hard to get to with other vehicles. With a top speed of 12 miles per hour, the RTC22 is three times faster to the job.

The power of our standard hydraulic infeed table, easily handles small branches and slash and whole trees up to 22” in diameter. The optional Whole Tree infeed produces over 16,000 lbs of limb crushing torque. Both infeed styles feature Fecon’s Power Feed Management infeed system.The RTC22 is well suited for a number of other applications. With Fecon’s optional felling grapple saw we have made it possible for one piece of equipment to do the work typically done by feller bunchers, excavators, and chippers or grinders. The rubber tired design is a great benefit to any roadside chipping operation. The RTC22 can travel on pavement with no damage to the surface of the road and reach into ditches to remove and chip wood waste. Right-of-way operations benefit from the high travel speeds and reduced trimming needed with the extreme crushing capacity of Fecon’s Power Feed Managment.

Available on three different carrier models to help better customize to customers needs, the RTC22 comes in 4, 6, and 8 wheel models ranging from 148hp to 300hp. 


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