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The FCM22 is a 22” capacity chipping module that can be customized to fit almost any chipping operation, great in and out of the woods. With features like load sensing hydraulics, PT Tech Hydraulic Clutch and an IQAN Electrical System, the FCM22 has the best in chipping technology as standard equipment. With a variable speed infeed and Fecon's Power Feed Management, the FCM22 has the ability to greatly vary chip sizing for different chip markets.

There are many options in carriers and trailers to for the FCM22. New and used log forwarders, tracked vehicles, log trailers, de-limber trailers, log trucks and flat bed trucks are all great carriers. Fecon® also offers complete turnkey mounting packages to get you chipping with your own unique chipping system.

The power of our standard hydraulic infeed table with Power Feed Management, easily handles small branches and slash and occasional whole trees up to 22” in diameter. The optional Whole Tree infeed produces over 16,000 lbs of limb crushing torque. With 365 horsepower and 500 horsepower options the FCM’s versatility helps it fit in well on many different job sites. The discharge system has been specially designed to densely fill open top chip vans, as well as Fecon Chip Collection Wagons, making this a great machine for biomass chip collection.

Mounted on a trailer, with or without a loader, the FCM22 becomes a productive part of a stationary chipping operation. Mounted on a forwarder or tracked vehicle the FCM22 goes to the woods for biomass collection as well as right-of-way chipping, pipeline clearing and land clearing.

The whole tree infeed or hydraulic fold up feed conveyor and discharge system make the footprint of the FCM22 easily towed without permits for width or height, depending on the choice of carrier.


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