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Stump Grinder (EXC)

Stump Grinder (EXC)

Stump Grinder (EXC)

Fecon® offers two different models of excavator stump grinding attachments: the SH340 and the SH700. The reach, mobility, and precise control using the curling action of the excavator make it the ideal platform for stump grinding. With Fecon excavator stump grinders the operator always has a full view of the disk and stump. Debris is discharged to the right, allowing the left side of the attachment to grind close to buildings, roads or tree lines.

Both models of the excavator Stump Hog run a Sandvik Durakisk II Cutting System. The cutting disk is direct driven with a reduction gear box designed to provide the high torque required for stump grinding and low speeds for good tool life and mild debris discharge. This system also incorporates a patented tooling system that gives a smooth cutting action with less vibration. Drag is greatly reduced by eliminating large blunt tool holders found in most other stump cutting systems and the cost to replace parts are among the lowest in the industry.

Custom mounts are available to mate with most carriers and engineering assistance is provided to match the best model to your machine.

The SH340 features smooth cutting action and minimal vibration, with an unlimited cutting depth. Hydraulic lines from the attachment are plumbed to a bulkhead for easy hose attachment to the excavator stick. Fecon also offers a Power Pack option that will provide an independent power source to the SH340.

The SH700 is a 225 hp, 100% self contained attachment for excavators 20 Ton or larger. There is an operators remote for start, stop and throttle. Installation is as fast as you can change the bucket; there are no hydraulic lines, fuel lines, or electrical connections required from the excavator and also no belts or chains.


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