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The Fecon® Bio-Harvester™ is a unique piece of forestry equipment which simultaneously fells, chips, and collects biomass. The material is chipped using Fecon® chipper knives or carbide tools, it is then augured into a material fan and blown into various types of collection units. The harvesting head is mounted on a Fecon FTX440 crawler mulcher or large agricultural tractor (minimum 250 horse power). The FTX440 has the ability to withstand forest conditions and tow a collection unit. The Bio-Harvester™ enables utilization of hazardous forest fuel loads, habitat restoration materials and plantation thinning residues; providing a non-agricultural renewable energy biomass supply. The Bio-Harvester™ targets material 6” in diameter and smaller. The harvester produces green forest chips from previously unutilized and fire-prone ladder fuel material. The chips can then be used to produce bio-energy via the generation of electricity or liquid fuel production.

The Bio-Harvester™ is continuing to be tested in various applications to increase productivity and provide a commercially competitive biomass harvesting system. The Fecon Bio-Harvester™ will be a vital tool as the United States works to economically increase usage of renewable energy.


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