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Vegetation Management

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Fecon products are used for clearing vegetation for utility Right-Of-Ways, roadside clearing, removal of invasive species, removal of wood fuels in the forest, and silviculture to maintain and improve forests.

Tracked and wheeled carriers are used with mulchers and deck mowers to handle vegetation including trees and brush for ROW maintenance and roadside clearing. UTVs can be equipped with spray equipment for chemically treating vegetation in the ROW. Tracked and wheeled carriers are used with mulchers, stump grinders, milling heads, tree shears, grapples, the Log Jaw, and chippers for clearing or widening ROWs. UTVs are used as support vehicles to carry fuel and service equipment.

Vegetation Clearing

Maintaining right-of-way for roads, highways, power lines, communication lines, and other utilities has its share of challenges. The demands of the job the difficulty of the terrain, finish, and maintenance requirements, will determine the equipment selected for the job. In right-of-way work, maintaining safe traffic flow is a consideration not often found in other types of land clearing jobs.

For these reasons, machinery selection for right-of-way jobs can be varied. Compact tractors with mulching heads can do fence line work or work in confined spaces, and can handle even for the heavier grasses to standing trees found on the R.O.W. For thinning work, tree shear attachments may offer the best solution, or excavator-mounted mulchers can do selective cutting between the desired trees. For large-scale projects, where volume of work is the key factor, the larger tracked mulching tractors will yield both a workable finish and the acres-per-day for maximum productivity.

You’ll be able to select the compact tractor or the large mulching tractor you need by first looking at the type of work to be done and the type of terrain most commonly found in the area you are working in. Proper selection of attachments and undercarriage options can prove to be very profitable decisions for any type of right-of-way clearing machines.

Removal of Invasive Species

Fecon forestry equipment can be highly effective when used to remove invasive species. Plant diseases, Beetle-killed trees and invasive species of plants can all pose significant threats to native vegetation, water supplies, and wildlife habitats, and could lead to a potential wildfire.

Low ground pressure tractors with mulching attachments are often used for vegetation management in wetland areas to remove Arundo and other wetland invasive species. Salt Cedar, Russian Olive, Buckthorn, and Multi-floral Rose can invade a natural habitat or soak up a tremendous amount of ground water and need to be removed to reestablish the native habitat or to preserve the water table. Tree shears, mulching attachments including excavator mulching attachments are all effective tools for these applications.

Roadside vegetation management can become a priority where line of site is inhibited by vegetation or where dead vegetation or trees (often due to Beetle kill or disease) pose a risk to travelers. Excavator mulching attachments work well in roadside vegetation management and can be coupled to most excavators in the 7-40 metric ton range and, if equipped with rubber tracks, can easily travel over paved roads.



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