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Advantages of Hydroseeding With Apex Applicators

The hydroseeding planting process was developed in the 1940s as an alternative to broadcasting or sowing dry seed. The Connecticut Highway Department faced challenges in seeding steep slopes during expressway construction. Seed was mixed with water to form a slurry, which was applied by spray to the erosion prone areas. Not only did the seed take hold, the concept did as well, and the hydroseeding approach has become more and more widely used.

Since this earliest use, hydroseeding has evolved to include a wide variety of slurry mixtures and a diverse range of job sites. As the applications for hydroseeding have become more challenging and the formulas have become more complex, the need for more sophisticated equipment technology for applying hydroseed mixtures has grown.

Apex Hydroseeding Solutions

Today’s hydroseeding is customized and site-specific. To meet new needs and challenges, Apex has developed highly specialized hydroseeding equipment to effectively and efficiently meet application needs. Apex hydroseeding applicators are designed to work with abrasive mixtures and harsh applications.

Apex Hydroseeding Applicator Advantages

Fecon’s Apex hydroseeding applicator equipment offers distinct advantages:

Noncorrosive Construction

Apex applicator tank bodies and piping withstand abrasive slurry mixes due to specially welded tanks with noncorrosive stainless steel both inside and out to eliminate weak points and extend product lifespan. Powder coated railings and an aluminum operator platform prevent corrosion and water collection.

Advanced Hydraulic Power

The Apex applicator’s twin hydraulic system features a working life of more than 2000 hours. Advanced hydraulic cooling design prevents the system from overheating — improving efficiency and eliminating the need for a hydraulic oil cooler and its related maintenance.

Interchangeable Power Pack

Apex power and pump systems are designed to be completely removable allowing contractors to remove, replace, or upgrade the power to extend the life of the tank and ensure consistent compliance with latest technologies and requirements.

Strong Discharge Power

The Apex vortex pump design easily handles thick and viscous mixes without clogging, and will discharge nearly the entire tank of material with distances of more than 325 feet.

All-Encompassing Design for Versatility

Apex applicators were created with versatility in mind. Large pumps and agitation systems as well as variable controls ensure the ability to use with a wide variety of products. Available in multiple sizes, Apex applicators meet a broad range of production needs.

To learn more about Fecon’s Apex Hydroseeding solutions, contact us today.

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