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Apex Hydroseeding Applicators by Fecon

For many contractors, hydroseeding has become more site specific than ever. Application challenges can vary depending on site access, soil, seasonal variances and terrain. Apex by Fecon, has developed a comprehensive line of hydroseeding equipment to meet these needs.

Apex hydroseeding by Fecon

The Apex product line includes equipment capable of mixing and applying any material from paper to BFM’s at the thickest rates in the industry. Seven different hydroseeding models ranging from 325 gallons to 5000 gallons suit all hydroseeding needs.

Our innovative hydroseeding applicator is designed for reduced maintenance, lower cost, greater lifespan, and lasting investment value. High performance Apex stainless-steel tanks can withstand some of the harshest and most abrasive mixes.

Apex Hydroseeding Applicator Features:

  • Stainless steel mixing tank
  • Hydraulically driven slurry pumps (Vortex and Gear pumps)
  • Aggressive agitation
  • Industry exclusive “5-point” agitator steel assembly
  • Ergonomic operator controls
  • Modular “power pack” design

Apex Hydroseeding Applications:

  • Land Reclamation
    Land reclamation commonly involves work in waterlogged or eroding areas. Apex hydroseeding applicators can be used in final project stages to effectively promote vegetation growth. When land is considered bad or unusable due to bad soil, hydroseeding nutrients from mixes can promote growth to restore soil. This in turn can make the land healthier allowing the land to be used again.
  • Erosion Control on Highway Products, Slope Stabilization and Oil Pipelines
    Erosion control is an ideal job for Apex hydroseeding applicators. Hydroseeding enables more vegetation to grow helping to slow the process of erosion. Vegetation roots in turn hold loose soil in place, greatly reducing the chances of erosion. Hydroseeding also plays a role in slope stabilization by helping to slow erosion. Paired with other stabilization techniques, hydroseeding allows for slope stabilization.
  • Dust Control in Mining Operations
    Hydroseeding applicators can be used to effectively control dust in mining environments. Mixes retain moisture and cover the ground helping to suppress dust. Applying these mixtures will last longer than spraying the ground with water because moisture is held by the mixtures. Wetting the ground with hydroseeding applicators allows mining operations can spend less time keeping the ground wet and more time being productive.
  • Fire Suppression
    Apex hydroseeding applicators can help stop the spread of forest fires by pre-treating areas where fires are likely to spread by mixing and spraying substances to combat fires. The gel can be sprayed directly onto the fire or on trees in the fires path. Although this is not a typical usage of hydroseeding applicators, its benefits are significant in areas with high chances for wildfires.
  • ADC or LandfillsApex hydroseeding applicators allow for quick and efficient coverage of large landfill areas. Using the appropriate mixes, significantly less airspace is required than the traditional minimum 6-inch layer of soil coverage. Since space is a critical concern for most landfills, replacing soil with a thinner layer of alternative daily cover (ADC) will increase the life of a landfill tremendously. Apex hydroseeding equipment offers a quick and efficient solution for a problem that almost all landfills face.
  • Landscaping Private Yards, Golf Courses, and Sports Fields
    Hydroseeding applicators are used to keep yard, golf course, and field grass and vegetation looking healthier and fuller. Hydroseeding also helps vegetation to grow where it is not already present. The different mixes available on the market allow for customers to get exactly what they want in terms of coverage.

Apex holds quality as one of our top priority standards. We are constantly innovating and improving in order to give our customers the best hydroseeding equipment available. Our team has extensive global experience in the hydroseed/environmental spray application markets.

We are ready to serve your needs with our innovative hydroseeding applicators. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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