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Dynamic Mobile Balancer Solves the Problem of Mulcher Vibration

Mulchers are dynamic by design and require attention in order to prevent costly downtime. One problem mulchers can experience is excessive vibration. A degree of vibration that exceeds that which is caused by normal mulcher operation can be damaging to the machine components. This will in turn lead to poor performance or premature equipment failure.
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Mulcher vibration can be created by a variety of factors, including a mass imbalance of the rotor assembly. Vibration can actually occur in a statically balanced rotor, and the even act of remounting a rotor can cause an imbalance resulting from slight changes in alignment. It is virtually impossible to balance every rotating component then mount each component properly, so dynamic balancing is required.
FMB-100 Dynamic Mobile Balancer
FMB-100 The Solution to Vibration Problems

The Fecon FMB-100 Dynamic Mobile Balancer provides an extremely cost-effective solution to the damaging vibration caused by rotor imbalance. This mobile balancer indicates how out-of-balance the rotor is (magnitude), and where adjustments are needed (phase/angle). Once the mulcher has been restored to proper balance, the difference is significant and amazing.

The FMB-200 – Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis

Along with the FMB-100, Fecon offers the FMB-200, a state-of-the-art dynamic balancer with full spectral vibration analysis. As with the FMB-100, users are guided through the balancing process, indicating where to add weight and how much. Expanded capability allows this system to analyze all frequencies to help troubleshoot vibrations that are not from rotor imbalance.

AdvaFMB-200 Full Spectrum Vibration Analysisnced vibration analysis features enable this smart system to distinguish between a rotor imbalance, a failing bearing, bent shaft, or other sources of damaging vibration.

The Fecon Dynamic Mobile Balancer Kit includes:

  • 2 accelerometers, cables & brackets
  • 1 photo tachometer, cables & bracket
  • Reflective tape
  • Scale
  • Manual

An easy-to-follow instructional video demonstrates how to use and implement solution:

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