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Seismic Exploration

Drilling Seismic Exploration Shot Holes
The Fecon EX300S Drill Rig and Explorer EX55 Support Crawler are specifically engineered for seismic exploration.

When it comes to drilling shallow depth shot holes for seismic exploration, productivity is measured by holes drilled per day. Often these holes are 20-30 feet in depth, spread out across varying conditions that could be flat, hilly, soft or hard ground, farm fields, or land covered in brush or trees, or rocks. The EX300S is configured to have what the crew needs where it is needed with as few steps as possible to maximize drill time. With a drill travel speed of up to 7mph they can get to the next hole quickly. The front-mounted mast assembly allows the operator to see where they want to drill, and position the machine without getting out of the cab. With 20-feet (6 m) of drill rod already on the mast, the 2-person crew quickly gets to work using the simple controls mounted next to the mast at the front of the cab. If more than 20-foot (6 m) depth is required, a crew member is just steps away from additional drill rod at the right side of the machine. In most cases they will start with an auger bit, but if tough rock is present they quickly install the air hammer and keep on drilling.

Specific Advantages for Shot Hole Drilling
The low ground pressure of 4.5 gpsi and balance of the machine makes it possible to work in swamps, soft soils, and other wet conditions.

The swing rollers support the flexible rubber track as it follows the contour of uneven terrain, keeping engaged with the ground for traction as the machine powers up slopes of up to 25-degrees, or through muddy conditions.

Rubber tracks enable unloading and driving on paved roads with minimal risk of impact. For the seismic industry, this can save time and money when working in populated areas, crossing driveways, parking lots, or roads during exploration. There rarely would be need to lay boards or tires before crossing as you would have to do with steel track machines. In fact, there are times when the Fecon EX300S drill could be driven out of the woods, down a paved road, and back into the next access point while drills on steel tracks would be loaded and trucked to go just a few blocks.

The track system has suitable power to counter rotate for agile maneuvering and
precise positioning of the drill head. Drill more holes per day in seismic exploration by easily navigating inside dense forested land, and across surfaces with boulders or other obstructions. The EX300S is already drilling when other drills may not be able to access an area at all, or would spend a great deal of time getting positioned.

Front-mounted operator station and vertical drill mast assembly allow the operator to quickly see where the drill head position is in relation to the desired hole location. Less time is spent positioning so more time is spent drilling holes.

The EX300S seismic drill comes with rod storage for an additional 10’ (3 m) rod on the mast. This allows the drill crew to go 20’ (6 m) deep without taking any steps to the side of the machine to get more rod.

The EX300S seismic drill comes standard with rod storage on the side for 60ft of rod. This coupled with the mast mounted rod holder gives 80 feet of on board rod capacity. An optional rod rack will hold 210 feet of rod for a total of 230 ft. onboard. These features save time on the job handling drill rods and allows the crew to take fewer steps in the process.