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For many decades, the potential for catastrophic wildfires has been increasing globally. In the U.S. the instance of wildfires is especially prevalent in the western forests due to previous management practices, beetle infestation, and plant diseases. The organizations and individuals tasked with managing the forests and the wildfires needs every bit of help they can get!

Fecon is proud to offer a heavy duty line of Forestry Equipment to assist in preventing, fighting and cleaning up after wildfires. On the proactive front, Fecon offers tracked and wheeled forestry mulching tractors, as well as front-end mounted and excavator mounted mulching attachments. All of this equipment can be used to remove underbrush that can quickly escalate a fire. Forestry mulchers and other forestry attachments can also be used to form firebreaks and defensible zones nears inhabited areas.

During an active wildfire, forestry mulchers are a valuable addition to traditional bulldozers in creating fire lines and breaks. By mulching material directly into the ground, trees and mineral soils are not pushed outside of the line and can reduce post-fire costs to rehabilitate the area. Depending on the terrain, vegetation & tree species, environmental impact, and travel speed requirements, the flexibility of using tracked, wheeled or excavator mounted forestry mulching equipment is extremely helpful.

In the clean-up stages and for silviculture, Fecon forestry equipment can help provide a top layer of mulch to prevent erosion and can be used to reduce and blend slash into mineral soils to improve decomposition and provide enhanced soil conditions for establishing seedlings.

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