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Fecon Bullhogs
Fecon products are used frequently in the oil and gas industry for land clearing, for right of way clearing, for exploration and infrastructure, and for seismic exploration.

High production is achieved for the pipline with high horsepower track and wheeled carriers equipped with mulchers, stump grinders, and milling heads to handle vegetation including trees, brush, stumps, and roots. Chippers are used in the reduction of trees harvested with feller bunchers or excavators. The Log Jaw is used to facilitate processing of larger-diameter wood in chippers and grinders. Compact track loaders with mulchers are used to clear narrow lanes ahead of drills used to prepare blast holes for seismic exploration. UTV’s are used for carrying explosives for seismic exploration, and for a variety of uses such as transporting materials, mobilizing service equipment for mechanics, fueling of equipment, and more.

Seismic Exploration

Seismic exploration presents a unique and challenging set of circumstances for clearing the woody vegetation. In extreme winter conditions the 1.75 and 3.0 meter wide lines are typically cut across challenging ground conditions while taking care to avoiding environmental impact outside of the designated spaces. Contractors require tracked mulching equipment with low ground pressure characteristics, balanced stability, excellent visibility, and great tractive effort to work through snow or traverse icy slopes. Arctic winter packages are necessary to enable start-up and operation in temperatures reaching below -40 C, and durability is essential to meet the rigorous demands of this application. In other areas high ambient temperatures with wet or dry dusty conditions call for high powered wheeled or tracked carriers with extreme cooling capacity for the drivetrain and operator.




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