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Bull Hog® Excavator Mulching Head

Seriously expand your business capabilities and profitability with the Fecon Bull Hog line of excavator mulching attachments. Bull Hog mulching attachments for excavators are perfect for cleaning trees and brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks, riverbanks, and other difficult to reach areas.

Bull Hog excavator mulching head

  • Severe Duty Bull Hog – by far the strongest built mulching attachment in the industry, designed to meet the most demanding application challenges and built to withstand the down pressure capabilities of larger excavators.
  • Standard (Heavy) Duty Bull Hog – offer excellent durability and lower weight when compared with the Severe Duty models.
  • CEM (Compact Equipment Mulcher) – offer the ideal balance of weight and durability for your excavator and deliver impressive performance on excavators with less power and lifting capacity. The CEM36 model can provide fixed tool durability and performance on as small as a 7-ton excavator.
  • Fecon’s optional BHP Power Pack (270 hp) can be paired with many Bull Hog excavator models for maximum production.
  • FMX Series – offers 36″ and 50″ models with a split ring rotor design and knife tools for maximum performance. Designed for 5 – 10 ton excavators from 12 – 40 gpm. This lighter design also allows you to mount on back hoes and side arm booms while still offering Fecons durable, heavy duty design.

Fixed tool durability and aggressive counter cutter rake teeth make Bull Hog the toughest excavator mulcher head available. Some of the features that make a Bull Hog the perfect choice for your excavator include:

  • 3 Rotor Systems and Many Cutting Tool Options
  • Double Carbides
  • Chipper knives
  • Stone Tools
  • Single Carbides

The Bull Hog features a low maintenance design with optional mounts that mate to your machine.

This video shows our BH200 Bull Hog Mulcher Head in action. For additional videos, visit our Bull Hog Mulching Head page.

Bull Hog Standard Features

Body Construction

  • Severe Duty
  • Standard (Heavy) Duty
  • CEM
  • FMX Series
Rotor Exposure

  • Cut Through Standing Trees
  • Mulch Slash Piles
  • Grind to the Surface
Rugged Structure

  • Reinforced Side Walls

  • Quick Attach or Pin-on
  • Easily Change Mounts for Different Excavators with the Bolt-on Interface
TypeModelWorking WidthApproximate Flow RangeExcavator Size (Metric Ton)
Heavy DutyFMX3636” / 914 mm12 – 40 gpm5 – 10 T
Heavy DutyFMX5050” / 1270 mm12 – 40 gpm5 – 10 T
Heavy DutyCEM3636” / 914 mm17 – 30 gpm7 – 15 T
Heavy DutyBH47EXC37” / 940 mm27 – 65 gpm12 – 20 T
Heavy DutyBH62EXC50” / 1270 mm27 – 65 gpm15 – 20 T
Severe DutyBH40EXC36” / 914 mm30 – 105 gpm15 – 45 T
Severe DutyBH80EXC56” / 1422 mm38 – 105 gpm20 – 45 T
Severe DutyBH200EXC59” / 1499 mm40 – 180 gpm20 – 45 T

For full specifications and details, read our Excavator Attachments brochure.

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