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Fecon Forestry Equipment Meets A Wide Range of Challenges

Fecon forestry equipment
Many jobs are involved in a forestry operation, and they all place heavy demands on the equipment they require. From building roads to reforestation, these applications require machines that will offer dependable performance for the long haul.

The Fecon forestry equipment line features forestry attachments including deck mowers, grapples, log jaws, and tree shears, which are designed to arrive fully compatible with your tractor, excavator, or skid steer. We offer product lines with multiple models to work seamlessly with different drive systems and horsepower capabilities. In many cases, Fecon can customize forestry equipment attachments if necessary.

Fecon tree shear forestry attachment
Tree Shear Forestry Attachment
Fecon has single knife or dual knife bunching shears for skid steers and excavators to adeptly shear, lift, bunch, and carry multiple trees with a single attachment. We have developed models for excavators 8-16 ton which require as little as 15 gpm of low flow hydraulics. Fecon now offers the Fecon Rotating Shear (FRS) which gives excavator operators the advantage of 360° rotation of their tree shear. Allowing more reach and access to trees with less repositioning of your machine. With models ranging from 5-35 tons and cuts up to 20” diameter.

Excavator Power Packs – BHP270
The BHP (configured for 20 ton excavators) offers the ideal combination of Fecon excavator Power Packsbrains and brawn. Controlled by the POWERMANAGEMENT® MICROCONTROLLER, the system delivers all available power to the brush cutter without power loss. BHP and brush cutter performance are optimized at all times by taking full advantage of the maximum horsepower of the power pack.

The microcontroller manages the head flow, engine, and hydraulic needs in real time. This system harnesses the full potential of grinding power and provides performance that is superior to other power packs.

Fecon deck mulcher forestry attachment
Deck Mulcher Forestry Attachment
Fecon offers a line of stout deck mulcher attachments that are wider than conventional deck mulchers, providing more productivity per pass, even in the most demanding environments. Durability and dependability are built in, along with detailed design to optimize performance, service life, and safety.

Fecon forestry equipment is engineered and manufactured to be rugged and durable, to reliably get the job done while delivering lasting service life. Our specialized forestry equipment attachments are suited for work in a diverse range of areas including:

  • Vegetation Management
  • Conservation Management
  • Timber Industry
  • Land Clearing
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Construction

Fecon forestry equipment delivers an excellent value for the equipment investment. The reputation we have for for durability, reliability, and support is recognized across our line of dependable equipment.

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