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Fecon offers single knife or dual knife Bunching Shears for skid steers and excavators to nimbly shear, lift, bunch, and carry multiple trees with a single attachment. Fecon has designed models for excavators 8-16 ton which require as little as 15 gpm of Low Flow Hydraulics. Our Tree Shears are ideal for reaching up and down slopes and areas that are otherwise inaccessible. These heavy-duty attachments are equipped with a Fecon “H” mounting bracket and bolt-on hanger bracket sized to the Excavator.

  • AR400 Shear Knives
  • Single or Dual Knife configuration for Skid Steers
  • Four Tree Shear Models
  • Ideal for thinning and fuels reduction
  • Strong, lighter weight frame

Fecon now offers the Fecon Rotating Shear (FRS) which gives excavator operators the advantage of 360° rotation of their tree shear. Allowing more reach and access to trees with less repositioning of your machine. Whether you are thinning trees, felling or doing road side clean up; the FRS will get the job done faster! With models ranging from 5-35 tons and cuts up to 20” diameter; there’s an FRS for your job. You can equip the FRS with an accumulator arm for when you are shearing smaller material allowing you to bunch and keep shearing. FRS is made with tough “Hardox in My Body” and has a single blade design for cutting.

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Fecon offers two types of Tree Shears for Skid Steers – Single Knife (FBS1400) and a Dual Knife (FBS1200 or FBS1500). Both are equipped with heavy-duty cylinders and rods to provide strong shearing action and faster cycle times. They also feature a strong yet lighter-weight frame, fitted with adjustable AR400 steel knives allowing you to grab more trees with a lower ground PSI. These shears are ideal for thinning and fuels reduction, among other types of tree removal applications. The dual knife action feature provides a more positive cut while maintaining the tree central to the shear and carrier. Fecon offers four excavator tree shear models: FBS1200EXC, FBS1400EXC, FBS1500EXC, and the FBS1600EXC, each with varying cutting capacity diameters (12″, 14″, 15″ and 16″). There is a tree shear to fit any 8-16 ton. Whether you are reaching down a slope or across a gully, this is the excavator attachment to satisfy all of your tree felling needs. All four models are provided with the “H” style mounting bracket and bolt-on hanger bracket fit to the excavator. Each model is equipped with heavy-duty cylinders and rods to provide strong shearing action and faster cycle times. They also have a strong yet lightweight frame, fitted with adjustable AR400 steel knives to provide you with efficient cutting in a durable tree shear.


  • Adjustable AR400 Steel Shear Knives
  • Strong, lighter weight frame
  • Heavy-duty cylinders and rods



Height 70”
Width 65”
Depth 46”
Weight 1,900 lbs
Grabber Arm Cylinder 3×10 (2)
Accumulator Arm Cylinder 2.5×10
Knife Cylinder 5×12 (2)
Fixed Knife 0
Adjustable Knife 2
Cutting Capacity 15”
Accumulating Capacity 325si
Size Excavator 10-12T
Hydraulics Single Lo-Flo Supply, includes diverter valve for Accumulator Arm
Hydraulic Flow Requirements 15-20 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure Requirements 2,000—3,000 psi


Compact Track Loader Attachments



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